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'Cus Waka rhymes with Baka
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Fudgefeather has started a donation pool!
90 / 636
:bulletred: Dogs, cats, humans, horses, birds- give me a reference, I can probably draw it. If not, I'll ask for something simpler.
:bulletwhite: Any pairing, whether straight, gay, or lesbian.
:bulletred: Actually I draw anything not in the "Will not draw" category.

:bulletwhite: Total nudity or sexual themes
:bulletred: Something excessively gory (I'm fine with cuts, scrapes, bruises, other injuries... just not extreme gore.)
:bulletwhite: OCXcanon. I know, this goes against "any pairing", but still.... OCxOC and CanonXCanon are fine, though.
:bulletred: will update this as needed

If I don't know who the character is/what they look like/etc. PLEASE provide me with a REFERENCE. Especially if they are your characters.... thank you.

Nichi's got Martial Art SKILLZ by Fudgefeather Traditional drawing, black (or red if you'd prefer) outline, no coloring: 5 points
Lineart, drawn on Paint: 5 points
Lineart, drawn on Photoshop: Currently unavailable.
Tsukuyomi by Fudgefeather Picture, drawn on paint, no shading, no background: 10 points
With flat shading/spraypaint shading: 13 points
Check yes, Juliet by Fudgefeather With Photoshop shading: 15 points
Mad Scientist by Fudgefeather Picture, drawn on paint, no shading, background: 13 points
I'm Not That Girl by FudgefeatherShadowland by Fudgefeather With flat shading/spraypaint shading: 15 points
Sun's Setting by Fudgefeather With Photoshopped shading/background: 20 points
Full photoshopped picture with shading, transparent background/background- Currently unavailable
Legibility by Fudgefeather Short comic: 10 points
There! Right There! page 1 by Fudgefeather Long comic: 20 points
Crackfic: 15 Points
Oneshot: 30 points

Extra cost for:
Coloring in a traditional sketch
Over three characters in a picture (Excluding comics)
Large pictures (as in, background sized)

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

I adopted :iconaskromaniacat:~! And :iconask-canadog:~!

Hello there! My name is Fudge, though my screenname is usually- if not always- Fudgefeather, whether on dA or Fanfic or YuouTube or on my rarely used Tumblr *pays more attention to her Tumblr RP accounts*
Despite all the Hetalia stamps... my MAJOR obsession right now is Okami, specifically Ushiwaka and AmmyXWaka- But I also love most (not all) of the Demon Lords, Isshaku, Chibi and Kurow, Michizane/Sugawara, Kushi... Actually, ask me about someone and I'll be able to tell you. I am working on a webcomic, Hearts, though progress on that is at a halt and I don't know when I'll continue...? Especially since my scanner is now gone. Oh, and tablet pen pressure is out.

When not on the computer it's either school, sleep, watching TV, knitting, drawing, or listening to music. Sometimes a combination of these. You know, the usual stuff.

I'm also a real life ntrovert who has troube talking to people sometimes but talk over art and it's okay nyeh? And I seem to upload stuff days after I finish it now... and- okay going to cut this off now.
  • Mood: Alienated
  • Listening to: Lost in Paradise
  • Reading: Homestuck
  • Watching: An AMV I'm making
  • Eating: I need spaghetti
  • Drinking: water
It is safe to say I have moved mostly to Tumblr; most of what I do on dA now is just clear messages and search for fanart to add to favorites.
If you want links I actually have two: My main blog, radglare-toreadork, where I reblog literally everything and my sideblog, neophyted-dreams, where I put all my stuff that is actually mine
I have also officially moved into the Homestuck fandom. It is too late. I am now a Homestuck. Gone are the old days of Okami, of Soul Eater, of FMA, and Hetalia... Except for occassional art of those, I think if I did post anything it would be Homestuck.

Speaking of which.
When you get into any new fandom, you get a new OTP. Well, sure enough, I have. Unfortunately for me, it's a rare pair - and when I say rare I mean "I only know about a handful of people that ship this and there's literally just about that much fanart and fanfiction for it."
Like, the kind of rare that makes you weep because you are literally one of the only people to ship it and you know there's a way more popular pairing for it that has so much fanart and the tag on Tumblr for that pairing is always updating and there's more stuff for it every day. While you're just left to sit with your own waiting for your own OTP to appear and just feeling a bit hurt because you don't get anything for days. No fanart. No fanfiction. Nothing.
And it just sort of wears on you and hurts after a while??? Because you want your OTP but you're not getting enough of it. And sometimes you can't assuage your own feels.

For me, that ship is Signglare. In other words, I ship Signless<3Redglare with a passion. And I've run completely out of new material with the two of them.

So please. I can do an art trade, MAYBE a point commission depending on the price. Whatever. I just want... more... of this ship.... So please, I- uh- you don't have to of course but it's just a thought.

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